Regulatory Matters

The Medicare Program was originally created in 1965 and since that time regulatory matters are constantly changing. Many Providers are uncomfortable with these dynamic industry changes and others simply are too busy to take notice.

However, the way these often subtle and sometimes rapid changes in policy are handled may often result in Business success or failure. With vast experience and first hand knowledge of complex regulatory issues, Our Consulting Services are well equipped to advise you on:

  • Medicare & Medicaid Policy
  • Audits by Carriers
  • 855 B Submission
  • HMO & Third Party Administrators
  • Electronic Medical Claims Verification Systems
  • False Claim Act Cases
  • PPS Billing Issues
  • other regulatory matters affecting you

There is NO EXCUSE for not being fully informed as to which Medicare and Medicaid Regulations apply to your situation. In order to avoid painful and costly mistakes, make sure you have an Expert on your team. Contact Kevin McDonough today.