Operations – Start-Up -vs- Existing

Start Up Operations requires pin point setting of priorities and market segments. This can be accomplished by using Our Consulting Services as an integral part of any planned start up. We are ready and able to assist, provide timely advice and help you get up and running sooner.

Existing Operations are slightly more complex and certainly less intense. A review of existing operations is often needed to retain an edge in very competitive market places, renew vigor of owners and managers and to help implement continuous positive improvements in your business.
Both Start Up & Existing Operations Reviews should include:
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Manuals
  • Technologists Training Manuals
  • Radiation Protection Methods & Manuals
  • Quality Assurance (QA) & Quality Control (QC)
  • HR Manuals
  • HIPAA Manuals
  • Training Programs for every aspect of the Business
  • Types of Equipment for Certain Examinations
  • Best Management Practices for the Mobile X-Ray Industry
  • Payroll Based Compensation Methods to improve Productivity & Profitability
  • PACS/RIS/On Line Imaging and Digital RAD systems
  • Medical Director Agreements
  • Radiologist Coverage Agreements
  • and many others including your biggest operational & management needs