Marketing Consultations

Many Mobile X-Ray companies are very good at what they do, but are ineffective communicating what makes them special to their clients. As a result, they do not achieve their full potential. Kevin McDonough is recognized as an excellent marketer, salesman and communicator. Allowing a complete review, revision and recommendations by Kevin McDonough will benefit your company and your bottom line. Marketing Consultations are available in live group teaching sessions and can be custom tailored to your specific marketing needs.

Our “real world” Marketing Programs include: 

  • Text and Print Media
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Internal and External Messages
  • Newsletters – the most effective method by far
  • Websites, Multi Media & Promotional Products
“Remember, 90% of sales is showing up”
One of the most intangible, hard to master and most misunderstood concepts is how best to sell your services in a Mobile X-Ray Business. By that I mean, who exactly is your Customer? Is it the Patient? Is it the Nursing Home? Is it the Ordering Physician? Is it the Insurance Company paying your charges? The Answer is they all are. And you need to be able to custom tailor your sales methods, practices, techniques, and tactics to master each and every one of these (and other) sales scenarios. Our Consulting Services are able to benefit you by helping you to develop:
  • Sales Manuals
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Roll Outs of New Services
  • Educational (“Edu-selling”) Sales Events
  • Special Events
  • Effective and Legal Ways to say “Thank You” to your clients.
  • Creating a Sales Force From Scratch
  • Training, Motivating and Monitoring your Sales Force